Friday, January 27, 2012

Agneepath Review

I was so excited about the movie as it was a Karan Johar's production, starring my favorite actor Hrithik. So when we were late for the movie by 2 minutes because of some hassle in the mall parking lot, I ran up leaving my husband to find a parking spot, took the tickets (though we booked them online, you still have to wait in the queue for at least 5 minutes and sometimes much more). Finally when my husband reached, knowing how crazy I am about Hrithik, sent me in to the audi while he got popcorn :-). The movie started at least 15 minutes late with some sad ads and some interesting movie trailers. Finally the movie starts and I've already finished half my pop corn :-)  (calories!!!)

The movie started fine with the Zamindar of Mandwa, Vijay in his childhood and masterji (Vijay’s dad). The scenes with chotu Vijay and his dad are good….. but I was still waiting for Hrithik. Some of the scenes till masterji dies leave an impact on the viewer. Some of them for the wrong reasons.. a bit gory. The first quarter of the movie has passed without Hrithik. The highlight being arrival of Kancha (Sanjay Dutt). He looks repulsive and scary. Ok... now that masterji's gone, I'm still waiting for hrithik. And then.. finally I am happy.... here he comes..... (me drooling a bit... quite a bit :-)) They show that the little boy Viju has become this handsome hunk who works for a Lala (Rishi Kapoor) who is a drug peddler and human trafficker in Mumbai. Rishi kapoor is soooo…… good with his act that you actually feel disgusted and feel like punching his face for auctioning young girls. And ya, I forgot... before all this, enters Kali (Priyanka Chopra).  Actually she is worth forgetting in the movie. She's got no role whatsoever, and with people like Sanjay Dutt, Hrithik and Rishi Kapoor... you don't have time for her. I just felt that in the first half Hrithik was not used much. At this point, I felt that the storyline was built up so that the second half can pick up pace. And then I can get all the drama and action I was expected and that I was entitled to :-) .

Second half... big disappointment. Not because it was worse than the first half but the action just did not come, the drama was constrained, not like the Bollywood drama you expect to see in a KJo movie. What happened to the KJo who made Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Ghum? There is a mother and sister in Agneepath also. Why no melodrama? If you have started it, just blow it king size. I am a Bollywood fan. I want larger than life stuff shown. I came to watch a KJo movie because his movies are known for the entertaining drama. And there is precisely just one scene where I had tears in my eyes and it was definitely Hrithik's acting and partly my love for Hrithik (can’t see him cry). But there should be more crying if there is a son separated from a mother and a sister for 15 years!!! The slow song with the sister also doesn't evoke many feelings. Just feels like okayyyyy……… now what else….??? what are you gonna do about Kancha. Sanjay Dutt as Kancha is too good, and again his acting is sooo….. good that you feel repulsed looking at him. In the middle somewhere, it felt like Vijay does have a plan and a plot on how to take care of Kancha. But alas! Hrithik gets kicked twice… the only two times that Sanjay Dutt and Hrithik come face to face in the movie. And the second time Hrithik gets kicked, the movie ends in 10 minutes. So, where is my hero kicking the villain??? Now at this point I declare to my husband that it is not a good movie. He smiles victoriously (doesn't like my drooling over hrithik much) my question is if Vijay is not a super hero whose one kick makes at least 2 dozen people go flying including the scary Kancha, give him a good plan. Hrithik is shown helpless in the movie. So….. helpless, that during the movie I was thinking why hrithik signed the movie... this is suicide for him. Okay.... say even if he gets kicked all through the movie by Kancha... why did not I get to see Hrithik kick some Sanjay's ass in the end. The end was too simple, just some low profile drama with the lath path Agneepath poem (which by the way is quite catchy). And hence ends my waiting.

One more movie of Hrithik, which I watched on the first day, is going to be a flop. The first was Kites (what a disaster!).  Or maybe not.... the next day I meet my friends and apparently they all can watch it a second time.

Finally, the movie has brilliant performances which makes a decent one time watch. Don't go with high expectations, and maybe you will not be as disappointed as me. The movie has an average plot, brilliant performances, good poems J, poor flow and a mediocre climax. I am going to watch the original Agneepath today, maybe it will make me feel better about KJo's Agneepath.

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